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How To Join

We welcome new users:

Simply create a new account either through Facebook or separately.

Take advantage of this priviledge for creating your own video playlists.

Are you an owner of a Youtube Channel?

TFC Television Network is taking applications from those of you with a Youtube channel and would want even more exposure and viewers.

What you get:
As a Channel owner with TFC, you get your own channel viewing page, with opportunities to promote yourself, your products and events, and your latest video always at the top of your list.
You get a chance for your videos to be randomly selected as a featured video.
You will not loose your subscription abilities, but instead each personal channel will have a subscribe button, share and or like button if you desire.

What it costs:

Your channel will be automatically updated every 24 hours with our cron job application.

How to give:

All donations will be accepted through our Paypal account at

TFC Television Network is mobile device responsive, so your visitors can take you on the go.

TFC Television Network is a part of The Fulfilled Covenant Radio Network.