#32) Zephaniah's Last-Days/Prophetic Language Lesson (The Last Days....Biblically Defined Series)

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Can you define the “Last Days”….that is, using the Bible as your only source? Sadly, confusion abounds in today’s Christian Church in regards to exactly WHAT and WHEN the “last days” are. Modern-day “end time” preachers neglect the clear teaching of Scripture, opting to trust in newspaper headlines to guide their teaching. As a result, they relentlessly spew a toxic, fear-mongering message that WE TODAY are in the end times, and Jesus is still coming “soon”, 2000+ years and counting! It’s unfortunate, because what we believe about the last days has a direct influence on the way we live out our everyday lives. What’s more, a faulty view of the last days results in a faulty view of God's Kingdom itself. In short, the effects of a misguided definition have snow-balling consequences.
You are invited to take a walk with me through the Bible as we, step, by step, simply allow Scripture...and Scripture alone, to define the terms for us.